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Stew - pendous our first cache! Very fitting that it would be at Brew Pub - 

Stew's in Carson City

Amador Wildlife - a bit of a tough find, but the wildlife was great to look at. Lorraine had a wild turkey for a partner on this one. He even crossed the road with her to stay near.
Lockwood - This was a great cache and the first for our two nephews Gavin and Chase. It was a pretty easy find and had stuff for kids and adults. We left a survival tool w\ compass, whistle, signal mirror. We took a Geo coin that had been 9,000 miles since April and it was only July 1st when we found it. It had been to Washington state, Texas, Roatan, Idaho and now Nevada. We're still looking for a good spot for it.
Slow Down and Enjoy the View. At the top of the D'Andrea golf course. A pretty easy find for this duo. It is an Altoids can that has quarters with the State's on them. We left 4 different state Quarters in the can.
NAVSTER - This one took some time but they finally got it.  It was a ziploc bag that had CD's in it for exchange. They were quite a few. We took a Chris Gaines CD and left a Harry Connick Jr. one.
Hole in the wall - Very cool container that fit perfectly in the hole. Just signed the log.